Maine Green Energy Alliance and other Casella Projects Under Investigation

Casella has come under investigation by Maine’s Government Oversight Committee twice in the three years.

In 2010, the Casella-funded nonprofit Maine Green Energy Alliance was disbanded after the State committee started investigating potential misuse of Federal recovery grants that intended for home insualtion and energy efficiency. Biddeford Mayor Joanne Twomey said the nonprofit was using green washing as a way to get a “company bailout” of federal stimulus funds for Casella.

MGEA returned $645,000 of the $1 million grant to Efficiency Maine. A significant portion of the grant was used to pay the salary of Casella lobbyist, and former Baldacci chief counsel, Tom Federle, who attempted to divert tens of millions of tax-payer dollars into subsidising expansion of Casella waste operations in Maine.

Source: “Maine Green Energy Alliance –Start-up’s Weak Controls and Informal Practices Created High Risk for Misuse of Funds and Non-compliance with Laws and Regulations,” August 2011 Final Report from the Office of Program Evaluation & Government Accountability of the Maine State Legislature


In January 2012, a tri-partisan group of 10 legislators submitted a letter to the Government Oversight Committee, requesting that OPEGA do a full review and audit of dealings between the State and Casella. The letter raised major concerns about out-of-state waste, conflicts of interest in awarding of contracts to Casella, changes to contracts without public notification, anti-competitive actions by the company, and misuse of Public funds. OPEGA Request Casella State Contracts Letter

“Opponents question Casella operations in Maine communities,” Twin City Times, Nov 22, 2012 Casella OPEGA TCT

Government Oversight Committee to discuss landfill again, has concerns about Casella, Bangor Daily News, June 29, 2012


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