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New Superdump Planned for Argyle, Greenbush, Penobscot Watershed

Request a Public Hearing on MRC Waste Facility proposed for Argyle and/or Greenbush

MRC is part-owner of the PERC incinerator in Orrington, which burns thousands of tons of out-of-state waste every year.

PERC will lose federal PURPA subsidies for selling its electricity in 2018, and may shut down if it cannot receive increased Maine state subsidies.

The State of Maine offers major subsidies for electricity produced by landfill gas, but very little for electricity from waste incinerators. As a result, MRC, PERC, and Casella (former owner of PERC, current business partner of PERC) are looking into ways to continue to import, process, and profit from this waste.

MRC is asking for a Determination of Public Benefit to build a “secure waste disposal facility” aka large landfill/dump in Argyle or Greenbush in the Birch Stream, Alton Bog, and Penobscot River watershed.

The dump location is also directly in line with the proposed East-West Corridor.


DEADLINE for the DEP must receive letters requesting Public Hearings is this Friday, April 18th (before 5pm.)

Address Letter to:

Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Solid Waste Program, 17 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0017

The letters should include:

1. The Date you are sending the letter


2. Your name and where you live


3. A request that the DEP hold a formal Public Hearing on the Determination of Public Benefit for a new solid waste facility proposed by the Municipal Review Committee to be located in either Argyle or Greenbush.


4. A request that the Hearing be held in a location accessable to people from the communities where the proposed waste dump would be located.


5. Explain how you would be personally affected by the proposed project.

This can include include:

– depending on a well that could be impacted

– using area roads that would receive heavy trash truck traffic

– having a business that depends on the quality of local water and land

– raising crops or livestock that could be impacted

– having family members with health conditions that could be affected

– being in range of hearing or smelling the operation

– knowledge of rare plants and wildlife in the area

– if you depend on the area for sustenance (fiddlehead picking, basket materials, medicinal herbs, etc)

– if you fish or hunt in the area

– if you canoe, hike, or camp in the area

– knowledge of local land use ordinances or plans that would conflict

with the proposal

– knowledge of property line conflicts or financial complications that could affect the proposal

– concern about lack of information and public notice allowing local people to be fully informed and participate in the permitting process

– information on area property investments and how your real estate value could be impacted by the planned dump

– information on area schools, daycare centers, nursing homes, or other facilities where children and people with vulnerable health conditions would be spending time

– knowledge of local hydrology and soils that could make it an unsafe location for the proposed waste facility.


6. Include your address at the end of the letter and ask to be notified of any future meetings and placed on the Interested Parties list for this project.


Letters can be hand delivered to the DEP Offices located in the old AMHI Complex at 28 Tyson Drive, Augusta. Maps to the Office are at:



The application and supporting documentation are available for review at DEP Augusta office, during normal working hours. A copy of the application and supporting documentation may also be seen at the

Penobscot County Commissioners Office, 97 Hammond Street, Bangor, and at the Town Office on 132 Military Road in Greenbush.

If you hand-deliver the letters, ask for a receipt from the person at the desk. The DEP must receive the letters by this Friday, April 18th.


Notice of the Filing a copy of the Application are available at:

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