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Maine Waste Legislation

As of March 24, 2013

All Bills are being handled by the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, unless otherwise indicated.

If you can’t attend a Public Hearing, written testimony can be sent to the Clerk of the Committee. If you live in a town represented by a Committee member, you can call or email your Representative or Senator as their constituent and let them know your opinion of the bill.

ENR Committee Members & Contacts at:


Thursday, March 28th

1:30 PM

Cross Building, Room 216, State House Complex, Augusta

* LD 694

An Act To Clarify Solid Waste Policy

Bill text:

This bill:

1. Amends the declaration of policy in the laws governing waste management to provide that the Legislature finds that the highest and best use of a state-owned solid waste facility is for those permitted special wastes that cannot be handled by waste reduction, reuse and recycling, which are the preferred methods of waste management; and

2. Provides that a change in the type or volume of waste accepted by a facility requires approval by the Department of Environmental Protection and a public benefit determination.

Sponsored By: Senator CAIN of Penobscot                                     Cosponsored By: Senator BOYLE of Cumberland; Representative DILL of Old Town; Senator GRATWICK of Penobscot; Representative PEAVEY HASKELL of Milford; Representative TIPPING-SPITZ of Orono; Senator YOUNGBLOOD of Penobscot


Thursday, April 4, 2013

1:00 PM

Cross Building, Room 214

* LD 476

Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Develop a Policy To Reduce Food Waste in All State-funded Institutions

Bill Text:

Summary: This resolve requires the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and the Commissioner of Environmental Protection to develop a comprehensive policy to reduce food waste in all state-funded buildings and institutions and to submit a report detailing the policy, together with any recommendations, to the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry by December 4, 2013.

Sponsored By: Representative HICKMAN of Winthrop                  Cosponsored By: Representative EVANGELOS of Friendship; Representative GRAHAM of North Yarmouth; Representative GUERIN of Glenburn; Representative JORGENSEN of Portland; Representative KUMIEGA of Deer Isle; Representative POULIOT of Augusta; Senator WHITTEMORE of Somerset; Representative WILSON of Augusta


Work Session

Thursday, March 28, 2013

2:30 PM

Cross Building, Room 216, State House Complex, Augusta.

LD 141

Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Develop Quantitative Odor Management Standards

Current Text:

Summary: This bill would create quanitative measurements for odor from septage & wastewater sludge facilities. The bill was submitted in response to major odor problems resulting from septage spraying and lagoon management at the NY owned “We Care Organics/Soil Prepraration Inc” septage and sludge processing facility in Plymouth (that is somehow exempt from paying property taxes.

Sponsored By: Representative FREDETTE of Newport            Cosponsored By: Senator CUSHING of Penobscot
Note: There was a Public Hearing on this bill in February.

Members of the Public are not authorized to speak at work session unless asked for input by committee members, but you can send written testimony up to the time of the work session to the committee clerk at:


Waste Bills not yet released from the Revisor’s office & have no hearings scheduled yet:

* LR 936

An Act To Encourage Recycling

Sponsored by Rep. Stanley of Medway

Summary: This bill would impose fees on Construction & Demolition Debris disposed of in State-owned landfills.


* LR 1172

An Act To Promote and Enhance State Policy and Preserve and Support Existing Methods of Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste

Sponsored by Sen. Cain of Penobscot


* LR 1877

An Act To Ensure Landfill Capacity and Promote Recycling

Sponsored by: Rep. Chipman of Portland

Summary: This bill is the result of work by local communities working to gain better control of waste facilities, including Lewiston, Auburn, Norridgewock, Old Town, Penobscot Nation, Alton, Lincoln, and Millinocket.

The bill would:

1. Define Maine Waste as waste generated in Maine.

2. Suspend expansion of Maine landfills for one year until the DEP has an up-to-date waste study that addresses the folliwing:

a. What is the origin, destination, quantity, and composition of out-of-state waste being disposed of in Maine landfills.

b. Identify best practices to reduce the amount of solid waste disposed in landfills in the State

c. Idenitfy best practices to increase recycling of solid waste in the State and generate revenue from recycling for municipalities.

3. Restore Home Rule to Maine communities and allow local control over management of waste facilities. (Not to be more lenient than state waste rules and regulations).



Wednesday, April 9

Governor Hill Mansion, 136 State St, Augusta

Public Hearing on the State-owned Casella-operated JRL Dump Changes to allow Municipal Solid Waste that was being sent to the Casella’s Biddeford MERC Incinerator. Casella claims the waste would be from Maine sources, but that also is under the current definition of Maine waste being defined as waste processed in Maine. Casella recently received approval to build a “single stream” recycling facility in Lewiston that would be intended to process waste that was being sent to MERC (which was receiving over half of its waste from outside of Maine.)

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing on the application by the State of Maine Bureau of General Services and NEWSME Landfill Operations, LLC to amend Department Order #S-20700-WD-N-A in order to accept municipal solid waste from sources within the State of Maine at the Juniper Ridge Landfill as a result of the anticipated closure of the Maine Energy facility in Biddeford.

The hearing will begin on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at the Governor Hill Mansion, 136 State Street, Augusta. The hearing will continue on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Governor Hill Mansion. The entire hearing is open to the public. The daytime sessions will be devoted to receiving testimony from the applicant (State of Maine Bureau of General Services and NEWSME Landfill Operations, LLC) and the intervenors: cities of Old Town, Biddeford and Saco; Penobscot Energy Recovery Company; the Municipal Review Committee, Inc.; Old Town Fuel and Fiber; ecomaine; Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp.; and Old Town citizens Ed Spencer, Laura and Harry Sanborn, Wanda and David Lincoln, and Ralph Coffman.

The Department will hold an evening session on Tuesday, April 9 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Governor Hill Mansion for the purpose of receiving testimony from members of the general public.

Written testimony can be sent to: DEP, Attn: Michael Parker, 17 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0017 or by email at .

More information on the Casella request at:

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