News Articles from the 1989 Norridgewock Dump Slide

20 Mar

“A massive landslide at  Consolidated Waste Services’ municipal landfill early Monday morning created five large crevices in the landfill that exposed all sorts of once buried  household trash and filled the air with the stench of rotting garbage.”

“Alan Jones, vice-president in charge of engineering for CWS (the previous operator of the Norridgewock dump) estimated that about 900,000 cubic yards of soil and garbage were in the mound that made up the municipal landfill and about two thirds of it slid away” both from The 1989 News Article from the Waterville Morning Sentinel  about the Norridgewock dump slide.

Morning Sentinel Article days after the dump collapse


“[Dr. George Sanford of the University of Maine] said the bottom of the landfill went first, followed by the rest of the mound, which broke into six crevices, most 1,000 feet long and some 50-60 feet wide.From testimony on what happened in Norridgewock

Days after the 1989 Dump collapse that lead to Maine’s Solid Waste laws





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